Norges hovedstad

Noen ganger er man på reisefot, og denne gangen gikk turen til Oslo. Ikke i privat regi men i forbindelse med jobb. Da blir det ikke tid til så mange bilder. En rusletur nedover Karl Johans gate ble det tid til, men stort sett så ble tilbringt tid på seminaret.







The Barcode Project is a section of the Bjørvika portion of the Fjord City redevelopment on former dock and industrial land in central Oslo. It consists of a row of new multi-purpose high-rise buildings The developer is marketing the project as «The Opera Quarter.There has been intense public debate about the height and shape of the buildings.


Sometimes you are on the road, and this time I went to Oslo, the capital of Norway. Not for private reason, but connection with my job. Then there will be no time for so many pictures. A stroll down Karl Johans street resulted in some photos.

Outdoor Wednesday